Energy & Utilities

Energy security is one of the hottest topics in India and worldwide. The macro socio-economic factors and geo-political scenarios are playing a big role in the next wave of opportunity in this ever green field. Clean technology and green revolution is helping the utilities players to cash in on this opportunity. India and Emerging economies provide common problem of inefficiencies in generation & distribution network for electricity and water. As the oil prices per barrel increases, world over the governments facing heat over the oil prices issue. These factors are forcing the government, authorities, organization, corporations to think over how to increase the efficiency and further reduce the cost of manufacturing & operations.     

Acliv helps customers reduce one of the burdens by outsourcing varying resource needs, we advise customers to outsource the peaks and turfs to us so that they can focus on key resources and their core business. As promised in our brand promise we offer work like an extended arm of customer by maintaining high amount of integrity and by achieving high level of quality. We maintain supreme level of transparency in our actions so that customers need not worry about security & confidentiality.

Acliv key offerings for Energies & Utilities are


As organizations start concentrating towards improving efficiency and measuring effectiveness, they have to move towards efficient collection of data and through analysis. Organizations improve their margins by doing in-depth analysis to find out the changes needed in processes, systems or/and operations » Read more

R&D Services

Global markets have once again started showing signs of improvement. Many analysts are saying the worst of recession is over. Globally manufacturing, Telecom service providers, handset vendors, financial services, automotive, banking, industries, Tower companies, Oil & gas, energy companies, public utilities, government bodies and corporations, railways, airlines have started creating R&D budget.» Read more

IT Services

In a globalized world large companies face challenges of optimizing cost with various delivery centers and mechanisms, aligning IT with their strategic business initiatives, IT may not be their core business & expertise, reduced flexibility resulting slower adoptability, remaining competitive despite of their size & develop new initiatives to align organization strategic thinking, achieving optimal speed considering their nature of business.» Read more

Support Services

One of the ever green areas is support services; it is probably one with highest challenges as well. Customers continuously demand for reduction in prices with improved service levels. There is huge pressure on margins, companies who provide services in this segment need to continuously keep learning and improving from their past and adopt & develop processes to sustain their business.» Read more