Enterprise is known to be evergreen sector and a vast field to work on. Some of the important needs in any enterprise are as below

  • Office Needs
  • Building & Facility Needs
  • Automation
  • Security, Fire, Health & Safety
  • Logistics, Supply Chain & Transportation
  • Field support and service
  • Integrated Service
  • Enterprise Application to manage all the above & more

The challenges have increased multi fold in the enterprise sector. This has opened up new avenues for newer applications and rapid adoption of existing enterprise applications. The mid size target customer segment is also turning out to be attractive. These results in increased need for resource to develop, validate, implement & maintain large applications.

Acliv is powered by rich domain expertise in managing and delivering enterprise applications. Acliv management brings-in in-depth experience in enterprise application areas such as Security & Safety, Energy Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Field Integration & Automation, Enterprise server and web based applications. Acliv Engineers & Technicians are well positioned to effectively deliver resource augmentation services to the players in the Enterprise value chain. Acliv promises sharp speed in execution with high level of quality. Acliv will be able to meet the varying resource needs at multiple stages of the project execution. Customers can concentrate on their core business by off loading their burden of managing peaks and turfs in resource needs to Acliv.

Acliv key offerings for Enterprise are


As organizations start concentrating towards improving efficiency and measuring effectiveness, they have to move towards efficient collection of data and through analysis. Organizations improve their margins by doing in-depth analysis to find out the changes needed in processes, systems or/and operations » Read more

R&D Services

Global markets have once again started showing signs of improvement. Many analysts are saying the worst of recession is over. Globally manufacturing, Telecom service providers, handset vendors, financial services, automotive, banking, industries, Tower companies, Oil & gas, energy companies, public utilities, government bodies and corporations, railways, airlines have started creating R&D budget.» Read more

IT Services

In a globalized world large companies face challenges of optimizing cost with various delivery centers and mechanisms, aligning IT with their strategic business initiatives, IT may not be their core business & expertise, reduced flexibility resulting slower adoptability, remaining competitive despite of their size & develop new initiatives to align organization strategic thinking, achieving optimal speed considering their nature of business.» Read more

Support Services

One of the ever green areas is support services; it is probably one with highest challenges as well. Customers continuously demand for reduction in prices with improved service levels. There is huge pressure on margins, companies who provide services in this segment need to continuously keep learning and improving from their past and adopt & develop processes to sustain their business.» Read more