As organizations start concentrating towards improving efficiency and measuring effectiveness, they have to move towards efficient collection of data and through analysis. Organizations improve their margins by doing in-depth analysis to find out the changes needed in processes, systems or/and operations. Companies targeting this sector as a market lately have started seeing a big push in this segment. Companies have started rolling out offerings targeted towards these segments.

Acliv Analytics services offer organizations the much needed competitive advantage for customers by providing cutting edge analysis and data mining expertise. We offer analysts, scientists & engineers who can enable customers with multiple data analysis methods, systems, algorithms, processes & different data cuts. We also offer data collection, gathering and data cleansing services to customers to offer one stop service shop.     

Acliv Analysts and Domain experts provide insightful information on data to customers so that they can take informed decisions which results in improved business performance.

Acliv Offerings in Analytics are

Business Analytics

Any organization health could be measured & monitored using health reports such as Balance Scorecard consistently. Various mechanisms, methods are available for analysts. The processes and systems have evolved over period of time to make things robust. The tools available for analysts have significantly improved with innovation. All of these will still be as good as the Analysts, who implements.» Read more

Technical Analysis

In most global R&D organizations or R&D divisions in any organization, the analysis plays a crucial role in success of the project or program they are handling or working on. Scientists and Engineers who are working on these programs need to take right decisions at the right time to avoid collateral damages.. » Read more

Data Trending, Mining & Analysis

Data is of immense value to any organization. Data if not interpreted properly can give wrong interpretation or no value. Data collection from the available systems and setup is one of the key factors. Most organization have data at multiple places, multiple levels, with multiple people. r» Read more

Business Intelligence

Globally organizations have seen the positive impact of having proper analysis. As the days progress they have also seen the impact starts fading away as the analysis results are not implemented on a repetitive basis. Standard frameworks and tools provide only the platform which enables the customers to implement. » Read more