Engineering Services

Ever increasing demand in the global market, companies always look to innovate and introduce new products in to market. As always there is huge pressure on team reduce the cost, improve the operation efficiencies in manufacturing and operations. Companies are finding it tough to innovate with constrained research and development budgets.       

Acliv Services

Acliv offers services such as New Product Development, Automation & SCADA Development & Implementation and Distributed Control System services. Please click links to understand more about our services.

Acliv Advantage

Acliv Engineering Services enable customers to optimize cost with faster time to market without compromising on quality. We help customers with entire product development life cycle so that they can realize their concept. Acliv Engineers & Experts help customers with concept to maintenance & support. Our Experts advise customers on how to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & enhance the return on investment.

New Product Development Services

As we all know that Survival of the fittest, for Organization to be fittest, one needs to innovate and introduce new products on a regular basis. Organizations need to understand the customer and consumer needs so that they can introduce better suited products» Read more

CAD/CAM Services

Globally the next wave of outsourcing seems to be from the new product designs. Most global and Indian companies look to latch on to this opportunity. Globally Mechanical designing is one of the most stable field with good growth rates over a period of time. Large organization be it Automotive & Transportation, Manufacturing & Industrial, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities look to outsource their mechanical designing to India. » Read more

Control & DCS Services

Control systems key role in any huge plants, huge manufacturing fields, steel & mining fields, oil & gas fields and plants. Intense competition forces customer to innovate on a continuous basis as well keep improving their operational efficiency, higher marketing spends due to larger players are competition in the above mentioned fields. » Read more

Automation & SCADA Services

Automation helps customers save significant time, budget & manual effort, also reduces manuals errors & improving operation efficiency. Typically Industrial assets are spread across in Oil & Gas, manufacturing plants, energy plants, utilities units, Steel and Mining fields & plants. Organizations need to make sure all the assets work in synchronized fashion and as per the set requirements and guidelines. Thus SCADA helps customers achieve this. » Read more