Support Services

One of the ever green areas is support services; it is probably one with highest challenges as well. Customers continuously demand for reduction in prices with improved service levels. There is huge pressure on margins, companies who provide services in this segment need to continuously keep learning and improving from their past and adopt & develop processes to sustain their business. Adopting industry global standards and being agile and flexible helps companies to maintain their growth levels.

Acliv is positioned to meet customer demand, higher service levels under huge cost pressure, adoption of global standards, rigorously implementing on a day to day basis. Acliv promises that it offers to work like an extended arm of customer by maintaining high amount of integrity and by achieving high level of quality. We maintain supreme level of transparency in our actions so that customers need not worry about security & confidentiality of data or information.

Acliv offerings in this segment are

End user Support Services

In today’s world of increasing and complex IT environment, End user services plays important role in ensuring availability of end user devices with low turnaround time and highest degree of quality. Conventionally customers had their own IT teams supporting end user devices like Desktop, laptops, server, data centers, printers, etc.,. With growing complexities of IT infrastructure and increasing cost pressures, customers have to spend more time & energy towards this noncore activity» Read more

OS/Platform Support Services

Today’s IT environment is a complex mixture of various operating systems, network and security devices.  Seamless integration between all these components ensures application availability and business continuity. Managing these devices require in-depth knowledge of technology and wider perspective about integration and inter relation.  Also, it requires additional focus and effort to monitor and control the ever changing needs of applications / business.» Read more

Email/Storage-Mid range Support Services

Email services are the integral part of any business and availability / scalability of the same will play an important role in the success of any organization.  However, it needs good understanding of technology and systems both inside and outside of your organization to ensure seamless mail connectivity and communication to the world. » Read more


As Telecom industry is moving towards consolidation & ARPUs are dropping quickly, network operations & billing are becoming even more important as service providers look to maximize  revenue and prevent billing loss. As competition intensifies, service providers look to introduce newer plans to attract different age group consumers with different type of plans. Dynamic change in market scenario is opening up fresh opportunity areas for players in this sector.» Read more

Network Engineering & Field Support Services

As consolidation of Telecom Tower business is happening, there is bigger thrust for field support & field engineering services. Service Providers & Tower operating companies look to reduce cost of implementation, operations and maintenance » Read more

Technology Support Services

Technology is proving to be key enabler for success in this competitive world. Most non technology organizations have started focusing on Technology adoption. Many studies prove that organization adopt technology quicker than others gain higher market share or have competitive advantage or improvement» Read more

Resource Augumentation

Globally one of the major problems Organizations face is meeting varying resourcing needs with unpredictable peaks and turfs. Global organizations have evolved mechanisms where-in they work with partners/vendors to take care of these challenges.» Read more